Dual Color Flowers



Designed to Protect Your Screen

With it’s raised top and bottom edges, this case provides maximum screen protection from shattering and scratching when hitting the ground without impeding edge-to-edge swiping.

360° Impact Absorption

Our dual-layer design with a soft inner slipcover and hard outer shell absorbs impacts up to 8 feet.

Beautiful Work of Art

Made by talented artists and designers hailing from diverse corners of the globe, the incredibly lively artwork infused in this collection will inject your daily routine with a generous dose of creative inspiration every time you cast your gaze upon your Phone case.

Lightweight and Sleek Design

We strive to innovate and keep our cases lightweight without sacrificing brilliant design and durability.

Designed to Protect Your Screen & Camera

The presence of 360 raised bezels ensures optimal protection by offering extensive coverage against cracks and scratches.