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clear iphone case

Ultra-Lightweight and Sleek Design

We strive to innovate and keep our cases ultra lightweight without sacrificing brilliant design and durability. This is why we choose not to show any branding on any of our cases. We believe our one-of-a-kind design will truly speak for itself.

360° Impact Absorption

Our hybrid cases are an innovative high protective dual layer slim-fitting design, adding more protection without much bulk.

Raised Above The Lenses

A 1.5 mm raised lip around your lens keeps your camera free from contact and prevents cracks, oil and smudges. Snap crystal clear pics first time, every time.

Designed to Protect Your Screen

With it’s raised top and bottom edges, this case provides maximum screen protection from shattering and scratching when hitting the ground without impeding edge-to-edge swiping.

Easy-Press Buttons Never Hinder Usage, Feels Like Nothing’s There

The buttons are discrete and don't obtrude. They press with ease and are very reactive to your fingers.

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If for any reason you feel that our products did not live up to your expectations or you think that somehow our service did not meet your standards of excellence, we offer a no-hassle 100% money back guarantee for 60 days.