clear iphone case
Changeable Designs With a Single Case
Our new liquid cases gives you the flexibility of switching backplate designs for only $7.95 per design to suit the season or occasion without spending a fortune on new separate cases.

Silky-Smooth Feeling, Like a Baby’s Skin
Smartphones are part of our day to day life, so we spend a large part of our time holding them. With this in mind, our liquid case is made of premium, high-quality soft liquid silicone, featuring durability, toughness and is extremely comfortable to hold in your hands.

360° Liquid Shock Absorbing
Our cases undergo hundreds of tests to ensure we’ve optimised the materials used. The military grade air bubble gel protects your phone from drops of up to 8 feet. This maximum cushioning and shock absorption surrounds your phone and offers incredible protection.

Raised Bezel Around the Camera Lens
A 2mm raised lip around your lens keeps your camera free from contact and prevents cracks, oil and smudges. Snap crystal clear pics first time, every time.

We Made Our Liquid Case Super Easy to Clean
Your phone can carry 10x more bacteria than a toilet seat! Therefore, it is vital to clean your phone and cases - and regularly too. Any dust or dirt on the liquid case can be wiped off easily with water and soap.

clear iphone case
Raised Bezel All Around to Protect Your Screen
With it’s raised top and bottom edges, this case provides maximum screen protection from shattering and scratching when hitting the ground without impeding edge-to-edge swiping.

Compatible With Apple’s Magsafe Charger and Qi Wireless Charging
With wireless charging becoming more common, we’ve kept up with the ever-changing technology to ensure our customers can charge their phones quickly and efficiently. All of our cases are fully compatible with any Qi-certified charging mats.